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Good Morning all! - OMG half way through! -

Trig- I am glad things worked out with your mom and she isn't sick! She is lucky to have you so close and wanting to help her out!!!!
So are YOU and the KIDDO ready for school? Did she find some clothes?!?!?!?- It's so darn hot anyway with no relief in sight anyway!
I CAN'T wait for fall!
Did you ever get your RV cleaned and ready for next trip?

BLUE-- You know I have to laugh out loud at you! You said you just dislike a lot the jungle for Wayfair. But it STICKS in your head doesn't it. Like it or love it- we are talking about it- therefore = success!!!- Ahhhh ya gotta love marketing!!!-
Speaking of marketing - Subaru just came out with a funny commercial. I am not into commercials- but I really like theirs.

So the "momma" dog is looking out the front door to her car and see's a CAT parked on top of it. She starts howling! So "papa" dog come to see what all the fuss is about. he asses the situation, goes and gets the keys, and turns on the alarm. Cat goes flying- dog couple walk back into the living room. It really is FUNNY!!!!!-

If you want a pick my up- go to "You Tube and search top 10 funniest commercials".
Hope you are enjoying your pool while you can!!!! I GLEEFULLY say Fall is around the corner!!!!!!

NIC- - I knew DS20 would settle sooner rather than later!!!
When is your next travel adventure?
I FEEL exactly the same way- COME HITHER FALL!!!!!!! BRING it.
Very nice you have a few relaxing days on tap!!!!
What is your class about? Anything you didn't know?
How is the DH doing with therapy?

Lori- what were you thinking a 7:15 appt???????- Well at least you are going to get home sooner than later!
So cool you are back to using the MTC oil. do you find it helps? I have not noticed a difference. But then again I did it all of a week!
So are you basically doing a JUDD LC plan!
It's a for I think of fasting. I know I could not handle the up days!
But then again we are different that way!

Are you still doing Yoga? I wonder if you are stuck in a workout rut? I don't hear the passion for it. I know the struggle with the arm has dominated your year. I will be happy for you when you can play a round of golf again! - You will be so ready by next Spring!
What did you order from Green leaf?
Have you noticed that all the major grocery are putting together meal kits??????? It's all the rage now!
I was charting until 9:30 last night- fell into bed at 10:30 and never changed position until the alarm went off this morning. Yea that tired!!!

I am so exhausted. Just taking one day at a time.
Last weekend was hugely busy as was the weekend before that. This weekend- I am scheduling a PJ day. The Labor Day Week end is jammed everyday with something.

What is everyone else doing Labor Day? I am so frekin happy to have a few days off- even being busy! I took that Friday prior off as well. I am going to the lake with my neighbor. I promised I would. then a Greenville trip, and a cook out planned. Busy.

Anyway- today is my here and now. I am finding that I am getting restless for a change of scenery. how much of that is driven by wanting to get out of the heat, or truly wanting to have a road trip! You know (NIC) - I STILL have not made it to Helen yet! I might wait now until Fall when they do their Oct. Fest that runs the entire month!

I was also browsing........... Cruises. I am up in the air on those. The face I am even THINKING about on is amazing. I am more of a ground under my feet gal. But I really want to have some sort of "goal" trip for Jan or Feb. - on the cheap side! I am still saving!!!!

My WOE is ok, nothing hog wilder, nothing stellar - still OMAD- but could be better. My carb has creeped to about 30......... stall. And I can feel it.

I have a date Friday- nothing to write home about. I said yes, because he is considering getting off the site and I said what the hey. I have had a ton of weird responses. HE seems normal- and boring. But hey- I am not doing anything Fri. anyway. I had already gave him a no thank you the first time he ask, I can't believe he ask again. Glutton for punishment??????

Ok- I have procrastinated long enough. Omlette and sausage for my meal. Have a great day
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