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Finally have a chance to sit down! Did Yoga and then home for a quick shower and off to the dentist where they were running 1/2 hour behind. I had not eaten anything, so I was starting to get hangry.

So after my DD yesterday, I did a 19 hour fast before I had a chance to eat today! I'm feeling better now....full belly.

I really did not find yesterday's DD hard at all. I think having the MCT oil & collagen powder in coffee late morning really helped get me thru till my lite dinner. I slept well...was afraid I might be hungry, but no. If all DDs are that easy, I'll be able to stick to this plan for a while. Now to see if it gets the scale to head in the right direction.

Tonight I'm going to braise some chuck steaks and then make gravy so DH can have mashed potatoes & gravy. He'll be in hog heaven. I'll eat the meat and a little gravy and be happy.

Ok...I think I need a nap. Yoga kicks my butt!
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