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Lori- Glad you made it through your DD so well on JUDDD. Not easy!

Enjoy your UP day and your 'cookie dough'!

Blue- Yes, I definitely think the online course has value. It is going to make me realize what I DON'T know about a home business, what I need to get more information about etc. Right now I know pretty much nothing, so there will be much to learn and inquire about.

Good advice about Wayfair and doing a further search. We need to replace our bar stools for the kitchen island but I am toying with just getting some cool stretchy covers for them and seeing how that works. They are cheap!

I'm on Team Ikea. We have several glass door Ikea bookcases and a fairly large number of other Ikea pieces in our home. High quality? No. But for those who don't care as much about that, it suits its purpose. Some of it is crap but some of it is heavy and solid. Neither here nor there.

LOLOLOL over "a much more muted horn." You go ahead and blast it, girl! Our nice weather is right around the bend and I am SOOOO ready for it! Glad you have been able to enjoy it already! Also LOL on doing your thing in the kitchen. You have no idea how often you and your DH cross my mind in the kitchen. Your stories have saved my husband's bacon any number of times when I pick up something only to drop it because the lid isn't on or whatever. Half the time I still get irate but the other half now I just laugh.

Trig- You are smart to be starting the bedtime move back process. I used to do that with mine. This year his first few days of school are a Retreat so I'll let that be the price he pays. Plus they will be in cabins and staying up late anyway. I'll set the internet to shut off by midnight once Labor Day has passed but other than that, I am going to give him a bit of rope as a senior. The things we'll be working on will be stupid crap like setting an alarm that you don't sleep through, how to do your own laundry, using your phone calendar so you know when/where you should be without your Mom telling you etc. The good news is that I know from experience that what he doesn't learn here he will learn darn fast once he is on his own!

BTW, about the alarm, he used to set his own, until I discovered he was setting it to go off every 30 minutes starting at 4 AM. I freaked out. He said it was the only way he could wake up by 6:15 so I just told him I'd get him up. We were talking about it yesterday and I was telling him he's going to have to learn to wake up to a single alarm bc you can't do crap like that with a roommate. We'll see how this all goes down!

As long as DD can live without a nightstand and wants to wait, no skin off your back!

Hey Jaz!

I've got MOW this morning and then we have a follow up with the financial planner guy tonight at 6:30. Dinner will be burgers and fries- bunless for me and no fries. Maybe more of a burger salad of sorts.

Other than that, not a ton going on. SIL sent a bunch of links for places the ILs might consider moving to and she is going to go look at one on Thursday morning. I think the ILs are being so short sighted and I am really frustrated with them. It's good that she is taking the lead for now.

Other than that, not a ton going on. A few more hot days and then things settle down and Fall will be coming. I can hardly wait. Plus DH sent me a link that Renn Fest is starting this weekend (through October) and I got really excited. We love to go! And I am getting emails about the craft fair coming too, and then the Festival of Trees in November. OH HAPPY DAY!!!
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