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Good Morning!

My gosh....7AM already! I didn't crawl out of bed until a few minutes ago. I soon have to get myself pulled together for Yoga already. I have to get up earlier tomorrow as I have an appt for a mammogram at 7:15!

Woke up with a bit of a headache(dehydration), but not particularly hungry. That's good because I don't like to eat before yoga class. plan for my "UP" days is to eat whatever low carb food that I want. I think the plan says to eat up to your TDEE, which in my case is around 1700, I think. Maybe a bit more. I don't really want to count on my UP days....just want to eat yummy food to satisfaction. Today I can't wait to get into that Keto cookie dough that I made! It tastes like cheesecake to me....Yum.

The scale went down over 3 lbs from yesterday's fast. I know after today it will pop back up. No worries. As long as the trend is down. I have 4 weeks until my Sis and I go to Virginia Beach and I'd like about 10 lbs off, if possible. I know I won't be doing any fast days that week. We'll only be there Thursday till Monday, Sept. 19-23.

Ok...have to shot gun some coffee and get ready to get my Yoga on. Then it's off to the dentist! Yippee!
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