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Oh Trig....hope the MIL is ok. I wasn't sure if it was her or her sister who was ill. Whichever, I hope all is well. Glad your Mom is feeling better now. you scared the teen straight? Whatever it takes to get him to go to the market, right?

I went to the Chiro today and she gave me a going over. I got scolded for not doing my exercises. I'll try to do better. I go back to see her on Thursday.

I made it thru the day with less than 400 calories. The only solid food I had was 4 oz. of grilled chicken for dinner. Other than that, I had some MCT oil and collagen powder, just as planned. The rest of the evening will just be sparkling water and early to bed. Tomorrow will be eating my fill! YAY! LC of course!

DH had to take the DGS10 home. He's actually meeting our DD at the halfway point. A 45 minute drive for each of them(one way).

Looking forward to a good Yoga workout tomorrow morning early and then a dental cleaning appt. That will be my day.

Have a good evening.
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