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Pigs and chickens raised in conventional American operations are unfortunately fed a lot of stuff like corn or soybeans which adds loads of pro-inflammatory omega 6 fats found in these feeds to their body fat which is then passed on to ours. Not good. Ruminants on the other hand (cow/buffalo/sheep/goat) naturally convert the omega 6 fats to safer types of fat (for us when we eat it) in their complex digestive tracts. This is still the case with ruminants like cattle even when fed low quality conventional feed. If one can afford higher quality meats, great, but if not even the lowest quality beef is going to have a way better healthy to unhealthy (overloaded omega 6) fat profile compared with single stomach pigs and poultry fed typical cheap feeds. We, like pigs and chickens, cannot convert omega 6 to healthier fats like a ruminant can, so best IMO to minimize/avoid fats of these conventionally raised single stomach animals and get our animal fats from ruminant meat/dairy sources. At least that's what's working right now for me. For fish, I like to avoid farm-raised stuff because the commercial feed will likely contain the same kind of unhealthy stuff the animals are consuming. Wild caught, better.
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