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Default Attia: Newsletter on Recent Metformin Research

Interesting that as people are first diagnosed with T2 or pre-T2, many are prescribed metformin to initially control blood sugar. It has been considered safe and there are many articles touting its health promoting benefits. That being said, I am one who is suspicious of any prescription that is written for control of a "disease for life," particularly a drug that is characterized as "beneficial." I've had too many acquaintances who have started on metformin, gradually increased the dosage, and ultimately progressed to requiring insulin as they traversed the downward spiral.

Peter Attia's recent newsletter has some interesting findings about metformin and exercise (resistance training (RT)), and surprisingly, metformin has been shown to diminish or blunt the effects of RT compared to RT for control without metformin. This got my attention, as there are pills handed out like candy in a shotgun fashion with the thought that they can't do any harm and may be beneficial. Dangerous assumption here with the most recent findings:

"Why is metformin not playing nicely with exercise? I donít think we have a concrete answer, but I think, as I elaborated on in a previous email on the subject, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of metformin are disrupting the bodyís adaptive response to the pro-inflammatory and reactive oxygen species (ROS)-promoting effects and the biological signals they elicit."

Here's the full article:

As an aside, I wonder how this blunting works with those who are also taking statins? The combination is very common.
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