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Plan: Atkins / South Beach
Stats: 265/246/185 Male 71 inhes
Progress: 24%

Test results are back (comparing Oct 2017 to Oct 2016)
Total Cholesterol: down to 208 from 261
LDL: down to 147 from 172
HDL: unfortunately also down from 46 to 37
Triglycerides: down to 120 from 217
A1C: down to 5.1 from 5.2
Fasting BG: 100

Not bad for just three weeks back on the program. I need to work on the HDL but I can see how it happened as I was back in school over the past year (full time school and full time job) and my exercise, diet and weight all went to hell. I'm confident I can raise this over the next few months. Total cholesterol and LDL should continue to improve on this LC program. I probably need to clean up some of my protein sources as I've been doing too much cheese and cured meats (bacon, sausage, etc.). This was a calculated LDL, not an actual measured, so the huge drop in triglycerides results in an upward bump. I'll probably wait until the first of the year and then get a complete measured lipid profile.
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