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Originally Posted by LaydJ
I am aiming for 40 instead of 30. I just have to be consistent. I sometimes have to force myself to eat breakfast. I have to eat around 5:30ish. On days where I skimped on protein, I noticed the difference.
These days I aim for 20, which means I hopefully end up under 30. I was okay between 30 and 40 when I first lost weight with PP, but I was in my 30s and now I'm post-menopausal, so losing weight can be a b*&%$.

I was also forcing myself to eat breakfast, but I stopped that when I realized my natural pattern was lunch and dinner. I've also been reading a lot of Dr. Fung and learned that long stretch between dinner and lunch was really good for me. I was eating around 10:30 or 11am, but that's evolved now into a more intentional, smaller eating window on TRE. So I usually eat around 12:30 or 1pm, then dinner. (If I'm eating that day at all; I've also been doing intermittent fasting.)
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