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1. Increase activity, including formal exercise as well as sports, physical work or recreational activity.

2. Include weight training as part of your formal exercise program

3. Track and monitor everything - count and track calories and nutrients, measure your food portion sizes, plan your meals and menus in writing and monitor your body weight.

4. Avoid excuses and maintain positive beliefs and attitudes towards your environment and what you perceive as “barriers” (for example, “I can always make time for what is most important to me” versus, “I don’t have time to exercise,” etc.)

Thanks Demi!!
I actually live near where TV is....maybe I should try to meet with him.

Hmmm....I do need to up my exercise!! What am I going to do today?

Sara...great to see you down here!!

I totally agree with you on my 12 step roots too and giving it does help me to do it also...even if they don't listen outwardly, a part of them hears it as it is a message of health and wellness.

The tracking and monitoring everything part...I'm not very good at this. What I did do was when I was losing my weight, I logged all my food each day for 20 months and literally was teaching myself to eat the way I ate then for life...I still eat the way I ate while I was losing. I am very conscious of how many fruits and starchy carbs I eat each day and I monitor that more than fat...I need to monitor my fats better!!

However...I do weigh daily and make choices on what I will eat that day based on what the scale tells me....and sometimes I can spot a trend and cut it off before it becomes a problem.
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