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Hi there...I am Keli from Katy! Glad to have found a group of Houstonians on Atkins.

I have found Atkins LC Ice Cream at HEB and Wal-mart. The Atkins IC comes in single servings which I think is a smarter idea than the Breyer's Half Gallon of LC IC. HEB also sells LC bread and bagels but, I am not positive if it was Atkins brand...I believe it was. I have not tried any of these products so, I can't give you a thumbs up or down!

Grilled Chicken Salads from fast food restaurants are my favorite lunch time meal if I can't eat at home. I have found that Babin's has great broiled seafood dinners with many no-carb side dishes.

I have to admit that I am finding it difficult to eliminate caffeine! My Starbucks addiction is getting the best of me but, I am so happy with the results of this WOE. I am no longer starving and craving sugars and carbs two hrs after eating. I have more energy and don't feel terribly bloated like I used to!

I look forward to seeing posts from this group in the future!

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