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Originally Posted by WereBear
I find the whole vegan thing fascinating, since I sympathize with the humanitarian goals.

But I get angry because they can live in a fantasy world where our domestic cats and dogs "go vegan" with us and we all live happily ever after but there not a single fact in favor of this ever actually happening.

Humane animal husbandry is the answer. But the vegans never go there.


If it weren't for carnivores and omnivores we would lose the balance.

I know a guy who has thousands of acres of cows. They eat grass all year with no fear of predators. When it comes to slaughter time, they are led down curving paths in a way that they don't know what's coming, and the cow behind doesn't see. One blow to the head and the cow is instantly killed. That's a lot better than having a mountain lion on your throat or pack of wolves nipping at your leg tendons.
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