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Default Adjustable Yogurt Cheesecake

It's breakfast, a meal, or a dessert. That's what makes it adjustable. Also, it was an accident, so I have approximations.

Instead of putting in eggs when my 4 ounces of cream cheese came out of the microwave softened (2 min 4 power, in a round double mug) I accidentally added a blop of Greek yogurt, 5-6 ounces. I'll know more the next time I add it and check the texture.

So I added one egg instead of two, and cooked it like so:

2 min half power, wait 1 min, 1 min half power, and overnight in the fridge.

Oh, but it's worth it. It's easy to whip up as a bedtime routine, and then the "wee folk of the fridge" can work their magic. That is my plan, anyway. It's a nice soft cream texture, like Italian cheesecake, but if I cooked it longer, it might turn NY style.

Remember the Oopsie Rolls, an accident from the original Atkins Bread substitute? I made many variations. They had to sit in the fridge overnight, which transformed them from eggy/shreddy to something that resembled a bread roll. This seems like a similar kind of recipe.

This morning, it being my Sunday Brunch indulgence, I added a tablespoon of lemon curd on top, and a gf lemon cookie to act as a crust. Fat with sugar is delicious, of course, and I have found that, since I eat so low in carbs/oxalates as a baseline, I can actually do maintenance eating with these custom-crafted foods.

But the basic recipe is low carb. Use non-fat Greek yogurt, or make your own yogurt cheese, and build it with less cream cheese for taste and macros. I can add fruit for less carbs, or go even lower with a bit of cocoa, or caramel flavoring.

It's even good plain, right out of the fridge, with a matching mug of flavored decaf coffee. Keto luxury

How did I mistake yogurt for eggs? Because my brain mistook "making a mug omelete" with "making a smoothie" in the middle. This is what I deal with when I'm tired. That's why I need quick and easy, including cleanup.
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