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I remember that book, but like you, I think the idea of two liquid meals turned me off. I had all the PP books out of the library at once, that one was skimmed and put aside.

Perfect timing to talk about protein shakes! Yesterday our intense water aerobics season started. The resistance of the water plus range of motion not available on land means parts are hurting I forgot I had. Today I also stayed on the blistering hot pool deck for another hour. Not in the mood for a hot stir-fry so made my favorite cold frozen smoothie. That is the "green hulk smoothie" you can find on the optimizing nutrition website plus the addition of 1/2 c frozen berries. Color ends up a bit muddy, but it is super simple.

Marty gives a list of reasons why real food protein is better for satiety, but he doesn't totally reject Smoothies, ON has an entire recipe book of them! I see a lot of frozen smoothies in my near future. Ted Naiman's rant about "processed food" was the start of adding a scoop of whey to help meet my protein goal.

Check out Marty's Pinterest and Instagram pages. On Pinterest there are also HP Protein Desserts boards, one is a 25 recipe roundup including Marty's Berry Protein Fluff. I also make this PSMF Flan in chocolate for a cool gelatin snack. If willing to use a protein powder and frozen fruit, a whole world of milkshake-like meals (that bodybuilders and models have been using forever) can be found.
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