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thank you for the replies...

artp -- yes, I have every intention of NOT taking the meds...I would like to try to lower it by my own means.

Cajunboy -- I have been vlc for over a year now so I was hoping my numbers would have been a lot better!!!
I already take fish oil pills ( least I TRY to take them every day -- they are quite a pill to swallow!! Anyway, my ex-husband had a bad reaction when taking niacin pills (red hot flush breakout) so I'm not too keen on the idea of taking THOSE!! I guess I rely on my multi-vitamins having enough niacin in them so taking a supplement wouldn't be necessary. I totally agree with you regarding the exercise -- I could certainly use more of that!! I was planning to swim more this summer and firm everything up but the doggone weather this summer certainly hasn't cooperated! I really need to start firming everything up -- I have so much loose skin especially on my legs. I notice it all kinda "shivers" when I walk

Thanks again for the responses -- I really appreciate someone else's view!
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