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I was thinking about opening a journal. I will probably do it next week when I'm off work. I've been kinda bouncing all over the place lately trying to decide what diet to do. I've been on Atkins for almost six years with some ups and downs. After my initial big weight loss of 50 lbs. things slowed to almost a standstill. So now I've been looking for another direction. I just read the cheat to lose diet and started it this week. For the last three weeks, I've been having a cheat day every weekend anyway, so if I can work it into a diet all the better. I'm also going to up my water intake and exercise which I've been slacking on. I'll start posting my progress in a journal next week.

About the oil pulling, most sites suggest sesame or sunflower oil but some people use coconut oil and other oils. I guess you have to experiment to see what works for you. Supposedly it only takes a few days to cure a sore throat or toothache. Hope it works for you. Good luck.
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