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hey rabbitlee...dont get too skinny...not that good too...i mean everyone knows not to go to the extreme of being perfect looking....or to fit into ur bf's ideals.....heck care them lah!

last time my goal is to look as slim as possible. but as time passed by...i want to stop chasing after the ideals....i want people to know that i am an individual...i dont look like one of the barbie dolls on the shelf. (if y'all saw the nikon girls contest on magazines, you will understand my theory of 'barbie dolls')

yes i am still overweight...yes my waist is still at 31...yes....i still look rounded.... but i mean i grew to like the way i am....and i am proud to say this is ME. i am on LC because I want to be healthy... beauty isnt the top priority though i also wanna look presentable...

eh ....anyone still interested in August meet up? Any date and venue suggestions?
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