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Good Morning!

Another day on the course. Later start today by about an hour. My shoulder is still a bit sore, but better than yesterday afternoon. We'll see how it is after golf today. I think I'll take some Advil before heading out....maybe that will dull it a bit. I'm too stubborn to take a day off when the sun is shining!

Jaz.......Sorry your job is becoming boring, but glad that it is not constant stress too. Maybe it'll settle in to a happy medium? Oh yeah...puppy biting and jumping is a thing. Those little teeth are sharp, aren't they?

Trig.....Another beach trip coming soon?! YAY! You'll be in your happy place. Is it a campground where you've been before, or a new place?

Nic.....Have a great time in NYC! Hope your tummy trouble has resolved and that you'll be able to enjoy some good food over the weekend.


It's a chilly morning again......52 degrees right now just before sunrise. Supposed to get up to 80 today.....perfect.

Another cup of coffee coming my way. Have a beautiful day!

EDITED: Home from the golf course and sipping some iced coffee that I brewed in the fridge. Yum! My friend didn't think we were playing today, so didn't show up. I called her a few minutes before tee time and she said she'd hurry and get ready and meet me at the turn. She did and we played the last 9 holes together. I need to start checking in with her the night before.

Shoulder appears to be good. Between the Blue Emu cream and 3 Advil, I'm feeling no pain.......oh and 2 beers too!
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