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Good Morning!

Just lost a post(poof*) by hitting some random combo of keys, so here we go again.

Jaz....You sure have a busy couple days ahead of you. I hope the movers show up on time and do a good job for you. Be careful driving that truck this afternoon. Did dinner with your Mom go ok?


Golf canceled again today. It's cold & damp and wouldn't be any fun slogging around a wet course. Tomorrow I'm playing in a fun partner tournament and the weather is supposed to be much improved. It will, however, be quite chilly when we start at 9.

DH is going with DS & DGS17 to a cookout/picnic today that is thrown by some of the guys that own land where they hunt in the Fall/Winter. They always have a good time and I'm just glad to not have to think about dinner. Tomorrow they'll be going to our DD's for a little cookout to celebrate our DGS's graduation. At graduation the other day I told DGS that I was sorry that I couldn't come to the party, but that I had committed to playing in a partner golf tournament. He said it was not a problem and that he would rather come and watch me play golf. Gotta love a teenage boy!

Yesterday was such a boring day and today will be the same. I did do a Pahla B. workout yesterday and will do another one today. I may even be so bored today that I do some that's boredom!
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