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Default Finished my first ever carb load!

Trainer Dan I have written a ton of info and questions under the stalls area in tips. There is a forum there titled "the ultmiate efficient frontier" which is what i at the time was theorizing glycogen maintenance would effectively be. I have learned much since posting my first posts theree as youll see in my following posts in the forum. There are several questions later on unanswered tho.

I did a carb load on thursday. 550 grams carbs..god that was hard to do..i dont know how really big people can eat that much every day, god man I almost passed out so tired from all the eating. When I went ot the gym, tons more energy and 10-20% instant strength gain. Had to add plates to every excersize nearly. Was way more mentally into the workout and focused, more energy.muscles felt firmer, bigger..better pump, wow!

Today I did the low glycemic carbos 220 grams. My workout was still good, not wuite as noticeable in strength but again, more plates on nearly all excersizes (different body parts of course) I superset my whole workout, no rest between different and opposite body parts so I get a good cardio type routine going. (superset circuit basically, my favorite kind of workout, just go go go)

Since the day before the carb load I have gained 2.8 pounds 2.2 muscle, 0.6 fat. Was up another pound yesterday also and felt fat as heck after my gym trip but better today now.

I am looking way better in the mirror and its strange to see how much better but not see that reflected in my bodyfat %age on the scale, hasnt moved in almost 2 weeks but I look way different then 2 weeks ago. Strange. Also, since loading, my body water scale is all over the place, different reading every time i step on it, like it cant read me. Im just using averages now..
Q1. any explanation for the water reading being wierd now?

Q2. why 550 grams of carbs? why not 200 why not 1000? why 3 grams per pound? whats it based on?

Q3. why do I have to look for low sugar carbs? what makes sugary foods not as good for this?

Q4. How long do glycogen stores last for? Ive heard some of your buddies say 7-10 days till another replenishment is needed and ive read in several places you can use them all up in one single workout. If the latter is true, we will never be able to lose fat it seems as we will need to GR (glycogen replenishment) every couple days killing induction.

Q5. Will I still be able to gain muscle doing induction and CKD? or is this designed just for maintenance? It seems like it would be hard to gain muscle when your glycogen short a lot.

Q6. How much bodyfat should I be able to use if I dont cheat, have a high intensity program including cardio 5 days a week, eat right, supplement, etc over 12 weeks (3mos)

Q7. I need to lose 20 pounds of fat, but i need to be able to retain and ideally gain a lot of muscle at the same time, is there an optimal way to achieve this?

Q8. What do you know about apple pectin for weight loss accel and chromium picolinate as well?

Q9. What do you know about cortislim? cortislice?

Q10. What do you think about prohormone androstenedione?

Q11. When Im on induction, I have a calorie deficit thats huge. In fact I eat below my basal metabolic rate. BMR = 1780 I eat 1600. 180 grams protein, 25 carbs, rest fat. I burn average 400 cals a day at the gym. 4000 shortfall a week approx. Will eating below my basal rate put my body on starvation mode? Is this a bad thing to do? Am I eating too little? I dont understand how people do this then cause im eating max/day carbs and more protein then most eat, and tons of fats.

Q12. What makes your body eat muscle and not fat? How can we stop this from happeneing? This seems to happen to me every time I diet.

Well thats it for now, have more but i dont want to kill you with one session

Thanks Dan you rule buddy!
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