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In the early posts in the CKD 101 thread, it was a response as to what workout scheme a member at that time used to get her results (Fern2340) ... She used a program I created, and got phenomenal results ... So, I posted the scheme. Your results may vary.

However, further in the thread .. there are several posts that show different workout schemes.

or, from Mr. X's CKD post ...


1- 30 min cardio morning(empty stomach)/workout: Chest, Upper-Back, shoulders, arms, traps, abs

2- 30 min cardio morning/ workout: Legs, (includes, calfs, hams,quads), lower-back

3- 45 min cardio morning OR 1 hour cardio during the day


5- 30-45 min cardio AM no workout

6- 30 min cardio AM/ full body workout = circuit training 3-5 times (very light 20-25reps)

7- before carb-up…early in AM do a full body circuit workout 3-5 times (very light 20-25reps), then IMMEDIATELY begin CARB-UP.

The CKD101 thread is just a "sticky post" for people to read all of the basics and useful info when they are interested in trying a CKD.
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