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Oh man I just got back from the gym and I cant walk!

I spent an hour and a half there today. I didnt have enough energy to do the elliptical after the weights. It would have been too much.

I began with 10 sets of 10 crunches

then 3 sets of 12 leg raisers with each leg
3 sets of 12 with my knee going in then up with each leg
3 sets of 12 at a back angle and up with each leg
3 sets of 12 doing circles with each leg
3 sets of 12 doing large swings back and forth with each leg
3 sets of 12 with one leg over the other like a triangle working the inner thigh with each leg

Then got on all 4s 3 sets of 12 going straight up with each leg At the end of each set I also held that leg up in the position for 30 seconds
3 sets of 12 at a 90 degree angle and up with each leg
3 sets of 12 going out to the side and up with each leg

Then I did butt exercises on my back with my knees wide apart and pulled in. Did 3 sets of 20 like that
then 3 sets of 20 just lifting up.

Did some stretches for a few minutes

Then I did 210 walking lunges holding an 8lb dumbell in each hand (across the entire length of the gym)

Then I rested for about 2 minutes because that was a lot for me and I was out of breath.

Then I was doing a steppy thing on a bench, but that was more an excuse to rest a little longer because it didnt take much energy.

Then I took a medicine ball and put it at the center of my back and leaned up against the wall and squatted all the way down and back up. Did 3 sets of 12.

Then I did some squats just holding a 24 lb bar
3 sets of 12

Then I did some more stretches and mountain climber (I think thats what its called)

Then I moved to machines

I did 3 sets of 12 on the leg sled at 80 lbs

3 sets of 12 on the hamstring machine at 80 lbs

3 sets of 12 on the leg extender at 60 lbs

2 sets of 15 on the squatting machine at 100 lbs

3 sets of 12 on the hip abductor at 90 lbs

3 sets of 12 on the hip adductor at 90 lbs

Another 10 set of 10 crunches and some more stretching at which point I said there is no way I can survive 45 minutes of cardio. I was feeling pretty nauseous at this point and just wanted to eat something.

I think I did something else too but I cant remember what.

Either way, came home, ate my chicken with some salad and feeling much better now.

Also took a 20 minute run this morning and am going to head to the pool soon to tan a bit and do laps for about an hour or so.

My legs hurt now lol

Those lunges were about the hardest thing I did I think
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