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Iíve been finding frozen riced cauliflower just about everywhere these days, even my local Publix, I have some in the freezer right now. A nice convenience as Publix is less than two miles away. I do maintain my Costco membership as it pays for itself just in the price of dog and cat food alone, but there is only one in all of Jacksonville, about 20 miles away. I did love their avocado oil mayo too but they have not had it the last few times Iíve been there. I do stock up on the Kerrygold butter though!

I did find Sir Kensington avocado oil may at the local Fresh Market just two miles from home though. More expensive than Costco but certainly more convenient.

Oh I also checked out the new Earthfare market, only about 12-13 miles away, lol. They had Mark Sissonís Primal Foods avocado oil mayos. The chipotle lime mayo is awesome. They also had heavy cream with no added carrageenan or gellen gums - only place Iíve seen that.
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