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Just a heads up about avocado oil mayo at Loblaws/Superstore .. it's on special this week, $10.99 for 355 ml jar Chosen Foods brand (link to product info). No added sugar, Paleo friendly . Not sure what brand Costco carries, but I've heard it's a big "family size" jar. Might be worth trying a smaller jar first to see if it's worth the investment

re - frozen cauliflower florets .. I guess this season's crops were late to harvest? Only this week have I been able to find frozen cauli florets (PC brand) at NoFrills. Thankfully fresh heads of cauli are in season now. Better enjoy 'em now, because I have an uneasy feeling us folks up here in the north country will be paying a huge price for hard-to-find cauliflower (and other produce) this winter
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