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Originally Posted by teaser
It's entirely possible that the same person might thrive on the Kitivan diet or the Inuit diet--but that if you mixed staples of the two diets--fish and sweet potato chips, deep fried in seal oil, caribou burgers on buns made from cassava--they'd get in trouble. Especially if they threw in a milkshake made from Masai milk and some honey they borrowed from the Hadza. The sum total of paleo behaviours might not be a mix and match sort of thing.

This is a really good point.
And how we might choose which paleo-regional diet to follow is another story. By taste preference? By our personal background (in which case I might be eating like a Druid. Or a Lapp-lander)? I guess eating locally makes most sense (in many ways); eating like our traditional first peoples wherever we live? Living in the southwest corner of BC, I'd be pretty lucky to eat that way.

Food for thought.
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