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Originally Posted by bluesinger
A decade ago I looked into moving to Lake Chapala. Really wanted to. It's good to know that somebody made it.

Haha, years ago (over 30) I went on a vacation to Guadalajara, Mexico with my young son, a friend, and her young son. My friend was half Mexican and we stayed with her cousin in Guadalajara. Quite an interesting experience though my friend didnít speak a single word of Spanish and her cousin didnít speak a single word of English!

Anyway, the cousin had a lovely home, and we enjoyed exploring Guadalajara. However Iím not at all fond of cities as a rule. I wanted to get out of the city and see some countryside. I thought of renting a car and driving down to see lake Chapala. When I discussed the idea with the cousin she was horrified! She said driving on the roads was horribly dangerous and even possibly fatal for Americans, especially two American women with young kids. She said there were bandits all along the roads just waiting to prey on Americans, and within the year a number of Americans had been murdered by the bandits....So I gave up the idea and never did get to see Lake Chapala. 🤪

The cousin did serve us great food though (heck, she was rich, and had a full-time cook), but of course it was not LC. LC was not even on my radar map in 1986 other than something promoted by that snake-oil salesman, Dr. Atkins.
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