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Thank you so much Patricia, definitely find it a challenge to find
good recipes with ingredients that suits.

Yep, i always admired your slow and steady measured approach with the calorie counting and mini-goals and everything.
I tried My Fitness Pal at one time but think the calorie count i was using was too low.

Snap on not wanting to focus on actual weight either however; just like to focus on how i feel and on the performance based goals rather than the outcome.
It can get disheartening at times and also; i'm never satisfied no matter what i weigh. When i lose quite a bit, i dislike feeling bone-y etc.
I suppose if i'm going to find fault i will always find something to be disgruntled about. Just going to try to incorporate as many healthy habits and tasty recipes as i can and make the very best of each day.

We have a new little kitty on the scene here, we think she's a bit deaf which seems to make her insecure. She rarely leaves the shed she's always hunkered down in there. Not sure what to do to coax her outside.
Although knowing cats, she probably has a night life we know nothing about.

What's astonishing is that my Mother painted a picture of a cat that looks just like her months before she arrived. She's has ginger & tabby colours and white cheeks. Strange or what?
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