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Yes, net carbs is carbs - carbs from fiber. Doing a search for any foods will provide this info...if not ask here.

My take is that as long as it is meat, fish and eggs, you are basically ZERO carbs. Only exception is some cured meats have sugar, so they may have a carb or 2. And salad dressing may add a carb or 2, unless you go strict oil vinegar.

I love this diet because I can eat enough not to be hungry, and I love meat and salads (as well as eggs and bacon).

My approach is egg omelet or bacon and eggs for breakfast, meat and salad (usually a small steak or pork chop) for lunch, and meat and salad for dinner.

Also, give yourself a couple small snacks, such as celery, a cheese stick, or a few nuts.

My unscientific advice....Eat enough of the meat/salad early on so you are not hungry, and quickly you will find your appetite dropping off after a couple of weeks. Then portion back to reduce calories, but keep carbs below 20. If done right, this way of eating should seldom leave you hungry.
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