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Hi Mara, I remember eating a lot of tuna salad on cucumber slices before, LOL. Have you got a Dash mini waffle maker? It has been a game changer for me. You can make a low-carb waffle that can stand in for bread, instead of cucumber slices! The waffle, called a "chaffle" is simply made of 2 ingredients: shredded cheese and a beaten egg. But you can definitely change the recipe by adding in some almond or coconut flour, spices, splenda, whatever you like. I made some kick-butt chocolate waffles the other day. Blew. My. Mind!! This morning I made a mock McDonalds Egg McMuffin.

Yeah, get that Fitbit out and strap it on! I've got mine charging right now. It has really helped me a lot!

See you around! :-D
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