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Hi everyone, after many years, I am back here too. Today is Day 2. I posted my story in the other thread, the introduce yourself thread. I've got 100 lbs to lose.... more would be nice too. I'm 271. Feeling inspired, motivated. I bought myself a smart watch--the Fitbit Versa 2--to help me out. I love it.

Breakfast was some steak, 2 fried eggs, fresh broccoli, one onion.... lunch was a string cheese snack. I've already drank my 64oz of water for the day. Already hungry again. I have an avocado, I think I'll make some avo salad with it, and have some leftover baked chicken breasts, some cauliflower.....

This is difficult, because I have to cook separately for my husband, who hates cheese, and meat, and most of the things I love. It's going to be torture to fry him up some fish and serve a baked potato with it, when I can't have any.... I remember how hard it was from the past. But I did it then-- 69 lbs in six months! I can do it again. We ALL can!
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