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Default South Beach Diet Check In Thread

I use to be a member here many years ago in the the Day when Judynyc was on the boards. She was a great asset to the site and the South Beach way of eating, I do hope she is well.

Anyway, after falling asleep for many years and gaining lots of weight, Iíve reached a point where I really need to make some changes. Iíve tried other plans but the truth is, none seem to work for me for one reason or another so Iíve come back to a plan that is personally tried and tested and works for me.

I donít intend on moving to phase two of the plan until Iím near goal weight. This is because, I want to do what works for me best. Apparently (and Iím not totally sure about this) the South Beach diet has completely changed since the plan Iím about to list. If this is true, Iím not very interested in updating my plan, as Iíve said, this works for me.

Itís a shame itís so quiet around here, I would love to have some company but Iím happy to use this as a kind of diary if not.

Wish me luck
Nemaste x
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