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Originally Posted by Armonita
Hi, I'm new to this...dunno if any of you are from Cork, but I'm looking to know where I can buy Atkins diet products. The only place I know of is the 'Nature's Way' Health food shop in Merchant's Quay (Cork City), but they only stock milkshakes and bars. I'd love to purchase low carb bread or even the bread mix....anyone from cork? And do they know where I can buy this stuff? You Dubs are seem to have millions of low-carb stuff at your disposal! I'd appreciate some help!

Hi I am from Cork and have been searching for low carb stuff for about a month.Boots in Wilton, Dunnes in Bishopstown stock some Atkins products.
I go to Dublin often where and what can you buy in Dublin? How long are you doing low carb? It takes a while to get used to it and to be able to plan your meals. But it does work.
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