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Cool stalls

Summer in Tucson always makes me want more salt, especially salty and crunchy foods, so I have to be careful of pork rinds and macadamia nuts, for these reasons:

1) Like potato chips, I can't eat just a little bit and stop. And once I start, I want to eat them every day until the package is empty.

2) Eating them curbs my hunger so much in the hot weather I don't feel much like eating real food, and so I don't get a balanced diet.

3) The extra salt probably causes fluid retention. My weight stalls or goes up.

I'm a turtle. In general, my weight loss on Atkins has been slow and steady at about 2 lbs/month -- even on induction. I don't think cheese or cream or coffee have caused me to stall. On OWL I've even added 1 cup/day of caffeinated coffee, which I have in the morning. I have a second cup of decaf at night after dinner. Coffee with heavy cream tastes like dessert to me now!

I discovered early on that bacon was a definite stall, so stopped it altogether. But I think it probably had sugar in it. Even the slightest bit of hidden sugar will cause me to stall, so I have to be careful. I bought some biotin lately and discovered after I got home I'd accidentally picked up sublingual pills instead of regular pills. I stalled -- read the label and found they contained .5g of sugar! So I'm giving them to a friend who's not on LC.

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