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I think we all know Mediterranean diet is a relatively recently coined diet term having possibly little to do with the eating patterns in real seaside countries of that area, basically the prior popularized low fat diet drizzled in olive oil now that they can't just keep denying fat is okay. They have to keep denying saturated fat is healthy even though real people of that area likely eat lots of it because what big organizations want to say, hey guys, we were wrong about all that stuff, sorry it put your health at risk or maybe killed some of you, oops. So while mainstream medicine still can't really come out with saying a high saturated fat low carb etc. diet is even better for your brain or other health, at least it's now okay to say a "Mediterranean" (add some of the fat back, please) diet is healthy and not lose your funding or reputation as a researcher or doctor. My personal opinion on the subject, anyway. I personally am gambling that high saturated fat/animal foods/stuff people may have eaten for zillions of years, is even better than an olive oil coated food pyramid/my plate or whatever, but that remains to be seen and I'm just my own n=1 experiment on that. But I've got to give these guys credit for trying to figure out what's good for brain health and their spreading the word that what you put into your body/brain (food) matters and can make a real difference in the risk of serious disease.
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