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My kickstart moment came this past Christmas. I've been overweight for a long time, but when I realized I was exhausted when I was shopping with my family before Christmas Eve, and when I couldn't get down on the floor very easily to help my daughter open her presents, I knew things had to change. My family is wonderful, but I also saw my uncle look at me a second longer than he normally did when I was trying to stand up--some of you know how hard it can be to get up off the floor with weight like that. He just looked a little sad, and it really hit home. I knew I had no choice, that this weight had to come off.

The icing on the carb-filled cake came when I saw photos from that night. I swear, I didn't even recognize myself. My PPD (post partum depression) had me in such a state I barely went anywhere, and just hadn't realized how much damage I had done to my body.

Luckily my hubs had been saying repeatedly how he was starting back on LC on New Year's Day. After the realization, I was happy to join him.

Now? Only 10 lbs. lost but my depression is so much better. I feel for the first time in so very long...hopeful. I know LC has made that happen for me

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