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Plan: atkins
Stats: 331/331/175 Female 5 foot 7 inches
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Mine Is I Have Always Been Big And Around 315 Lbs And I Have Started Gaining More I Always Said I Wouldnt Let Myself Get Over 300 But I Lied Lol. Im Now At About 330 And Im Only 26 And Have Been Married 8 Years And Unable To Have Kids And I Have Pcos And I Want Kids. If Anyone Has Lost Weight And Finally Gotten Preggers How Much Did You Lose Until You Got Pregant. Also My Hubby Has Started Saying More About Me Getting Bigger I Am So Sick And Tired Of Being Fat. I Take Pics Of My Face And Think Wow I Look So Pretty In The Pic But When I Look In The Mirror I Think Wow How Could I Be Pretty In A Pic But Not In The Mirror I Cry Most Of The Time From Looking In The Mirror. I Have To Try To Figure Out How To Post Pics Lol
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