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Agree with the above.

Here's some more:

1. Being embarrassed to look in the mirror at your own reflection.

2. Being embarrassed to look at your own reflection in a window as you walk by.

3. People constantly asking you if you are on a diet!!! (That's why I am not telling people this time around.)

4. Feeling embarrassed at the gym in front of all the skinny minnies.

BUT . . . now I put a twist on it and say:

1. Wow your face is looking thinner (even if no one else has noticed yet.)

2. You are looking better and better every day you choose this WOE.

3. Love people's reactions when I order a huge honker steak and they look embarrassed for me.

4. Feeling great about myself because I made it to the gym another day and am keeping the committment to myself, hell, half the skinny minnies are there for a social outing anyway.
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