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Smile Good for you!

I think some of us, I count myself in that group, work so hard to not talk negatively about being fat that we lose sight about the realities till they slam us in the face. I actually chuckled at what I read, I know what you mean!
Why I hate being fat:
1. Having to trouble people when they try to pass me in an asle at the store or at work due to my big size.

2. Getting bruses on my hips after going to the Movies due to their seats!

3. Having to pick up something that fell on the floor and I bend over to pick it up... What a view, huh?

4. Can't take a shower with an other person
Heck can't even take a bath on my own, without splitting the
water in two!

5. Shees.. I would love to get a WOmen's shoe size!

6. Having to put Anti-Persirant under the stomach. Eeww!

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