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Hi friends,
I have had a very dramatic week.
I had some abnormal labs then sudden high blood pressure (typically I have opposite problem- my BP is too low).
My OB was concerned enough about preeclampsia (Iím very high risk for it due to my diabetes) that he sent me to hospital. They were able to get me under control and let me come home on bed rest
I was so happy to be home with my husband and dog!
Yesterday was first follow up at my high risk OB and he was very very reassuring. He feels we can manage this with meds and monitoring. Thank God- I am just 27 weeks!
But we have to make some changes- nothing too hard- at home bp monitoring twice a day and logs, meds, and we are now inducing at 37 instead of 38 weeks. He does NOT believe baby will have to come sooner.
I do need protein supplements, as I am spilling loads of protein but this cant hurt baby. Only high bp can hurt my little one.
However, there is no way I can eat enough to keep up with needs while spilling so much (3-4 times the diagnostic level for preeclampsia, but that is just be Iím diabetic not bc of preeclampsia).:Ēdonít want you turn into a noodle, baby will take from you what baby needs.Ē

He thinks Iíll be let off bed rest sometime next week- yayyyy!!!
But this now means I start my work leave much sooner- planned to be right up to when baby was due (apr 2). Now it is March 6th.

Holy cr~p..... this whole pregnancy I have been very guarded that this is viable. After years of heartbreak my husband and I could not let ourselves be devestated yet again.
So we have bought nothing, done nothing.....and suddenly this baby is coming, really coming. And coming SOON!

If I suddenly disappear, I will be back. Things are obviously unpredictable right now.

But I wanted to thank you for all the support over such a difficult couple of years leading up to my pregnancy and throughout the 7 months I have made it into one.

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