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Default Pregnancy update

Hi guys!
I am now 22 weeks and it looks like I will be induced at 38, if things keep going well (earlier if neccesary).

The baby is doing great and we are past the big hurdles (20 week anatomy scan, echocardiogram since i'm diabetic, etc...).

I lost about 9 pounds my first trimester (never had morning sickness -woohoo! But needed large dose of thyroid meds bc my already low functioning thyroid quit its job, which is common in pregnancy).

I have started gaining now and am 2 pounds shy of pregnancy weight, so I have a ways to go. But baby's growth is perfect- thank God. I am afraid of a baby being too big bc of my diabetes.

My first 2 A1cs were 5.7 and the last 6.0 so even though I did increase carbs to 100g per day (as Dr recommended to avoid ketosis but stay low carb right now).

Feeling sooooo tired but otherwise pretty well!

My eyes have had some changes but retina specialist isn't worried. It's common for T1Ds during pregnancy, even with great blood sugars, and typically resolved after I finish breast feeding.

I have some protein in my urine, but again this is typical for T1D.

My blood pressure has stayed low, so no preeclampsia so far.

I am so so so excited!
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