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Originally Posted by JEY100
Yup, that's the base. The cucumber has decent nutrients for almost no calories, bu everyone was tweaking it their own way. Steve wrote..."Tweaking the Hulk Green Smoothie this morning - added 1 tsp ground eggshell, 15g arugula and 35g watercress oh and 5g fresh basil.
I think that scored 82% then I ate 1 tsp yeast extract spread and 4 brazil nuts to give me a decent start to the day - I managed to get up into the 90's yesterday and I have a 'modified' Popeye Bowl planned later so am confident I'll score well enough today also.

Have you tried Fairlife Fat-Free milk? Ted Naiman and Bob in the NO class use that. I use the TJ's 2% ultra-filtered milk version but now I want to go out in search of their protein drink and 0%.

I could not do ground eggshells!!

Hi Janet - I have a question about recommended protein powder. What is recommended for smoothies and to mix with other soft foods (yogurt, cottage cheese) to add more protein? Is it a whey powder or something else? If so, which brand are people finding suitable?

By the way, the Naiman interview with Bett Lucas was chalk full of good information. Good stuff.
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