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Yup, that's the base. The cucumber has decent nutrients for almost no calories, bu everyone was tweaking it their own way. Steve wrote..."Tweaking the Hulk Green Smoothie this morning - added 1 tsp ground eggshell, 15g arugula and 35g watercress oh and 5g fresh basil.
I think that scored 82% then I ate 1 tsp yeast extract spread and 4 brazil nuts to give me a decent start to the day - I managed to get up into the 90's yesterday and I have a 'modified' Popeye Bowl planned later so am confident I'll score well enough today also.

Have you tried Fairlife Fat-Free milk? Ted Naiman and Bob in the NO class use that. I use the TJ's 2% ultra-filtered milk version but now I want to go out in search of their protein drink and 0%.

I could not do ground eggshells!!
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