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Hey Jeep

So glad to see you posting! I'm not able to contact you because you don't have a journal. You're welcome to visit mine tho anytime.

I didn't realize you had a pool! How fun! It has been extremely hot here too and I've been avoiding mowing the lawn. We have been spending almost every weekend at the cottage and there is no air conditioning there. So we jump in the lake when its hot.

My regular home has central air though. I don't know how we ever did without it back in the day. I'm making a meatloaf for lunch/dinner with swiss cheese that needs to get ate. I froze like 2 lbs of it and expires soon. Got any good recipes that use alot of swiss cheese?

Anywho, my diet has definitely been on hold, but I need to get back to it. Haven't eaten anything today so far, but had water and zero sugar lemonade.

Miss talking to you girl! Welcome back!
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