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Iím back to CAD, itís been a while since I posted I hope everyone is doing good!

Iím having my RM for dinner during the week and mostly for lunch on the weekends. I find that easiest to plan for meals with family but I will do dinner on occasion.

I didnít eat the greatest last night it is so hot here, I had a rib eye steak, a salad w/egg, cheese, red onion and celery and blue cheese dressing and cheddar potato chips. I was going to have my favorite checkers fries but it was to hot in the house to cook them. We have central air but I had it off because I was swimming in the pool all day. When I started to cook the electric went out and it was 83 in the kitchenÖ..not even a fan. Luckily it came on about half way thru my meal.

I havenít weighed myself in a while I donít know what to expect maybe tomorrow if I can remember before I get dressed. I always weigh in my pjís

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