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Hey girl

Listen mojoÖÖ you will just have to start on a new plan! You are a great lady and your just in a slump right now, if you can come up with a plan to just get you started then you can tweak it later. You will immediately be happier and start doing more because you have something your working toward. Ok?

Iíve been off the rails myself lately so Iím trying a plan call Carb Nite, I was eating ZC till my carb Nite but Iím finding it to restrictive so Iím going with the original plan of 30 carbs a day then on the weekend taking one day and eating whatever I want

I was thinking of starting a new thread to see if anyone wanted to try it out with me but I wanted to get some time on it first to see if it is going to work.

I want you to get out of the house dress and put on your tight clothes so you will be motivated to get started. If you want to join me that would be great! Or maybe you can get back to your fasting OMAD you were losing so well with that!

Care about you girl , please think about what Iím saying to you, you got this

Talk soon
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