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Originally Posted by JEY100
As Jean mentioned above, contrary to most cardiologists, Dr Davis believes a CAC score can be lowered. He says he has done it without medications. Even if you are not part of his Undoctored forum, he eventually sends out in his regular newsletter the transcripts on some topics.

Here he lists the six strategies to help reduce a CAC.

This is some of what Dr. Davis recommends:

Fish oil: 3600 mg/day EPA + DHA
Fish oil: we use a true therapeutic dose, which is 3600 milligrams of EPA and DHA (not of fish oil, but of EPA and DHA). Thatís why you canít use krill oil; itís too trivial a dose. Thatís why you canít use flaxseed oil or other sources of linolenic acid. You want the EPA and DHA of fish oil, 3600 mg, broken into two different doses: 1800 mg morning, 1800 mg in the evening.

and this

Vitamin D: 25-OH vitamin D 60-70- ng/mL
Next is vitamin D. When I added in vitamin D about 10 so years ago, it was the first time I watched heart scan scores plummet ó dramatic reductions. Before I added vitamin D, we were lucky to get a 0% year-over-year (lack of increase in a heart scan score) or slowed it down maybe 9% per year increase, or maybe a very modest, maybe 3% reduction, from one year to the next. When I added vitamin D, thatís what we started seeing 24% reduction, 36% reduction, 48% reduction, 72 ó incredible amounts of regression, of reduction in the heart scan score. So Vitamin D is crucial.

Bob Niland who answers questions on Dr. Davis's articles shared that he buys Members Mark (Sams) 1200mg Double strength fish oil.
I compared it to one my DH picked up at whole foods and I would have to take 5-6 of the brand he picked up to equal one of the Members Mark brand, so I'm returning the one DH bought. ( I ordered MM brand 2 days ago so waiting for delivery)

It also has 2000IU of vitamin D per cap.
EPA and DHA is =540 total so about 3-4 caps in the AM to reach 1800mg and 3-4 1800mg in the PM as Davis recommends.
(as apposed to 15-20 of the brand my DH bought and 2x per day is just crazy so it's going back!)
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