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I went to the doctor February 21, 2016, and I was 312 pounds. It was almost 20 pounds more than the last time I had the nerve to look at the scale, and I was terrified. Being BIG BIG BIG runs in my family, and I was only 28. I was staring down the barrel of missing out on life, and I was so miserable I resolved to do something about it.

I was looking up weight loss programs and very nearly bought into Medifast (again) when my sister stopped me. She asked if I had put in my credit card info yet on the website, and I said no, the damn thing wouldn't go through for some reason (I had input the card number wrong). She told me to stop, and to check out this website real quick, and to see if I wouldn't rather try that instead.

The website was, and I was an instant convert, mainly because this guy wasn't trying to sell anything and he had this radical notion that you could lose weight while eating real, ACTUAL food. Crazy, right? My sister had lost about 15 pounds the year before after her stint at working at a pizza place. 15 pounds was a lot of weight to lose on her small frame, so I thought, "What the heck? What do I have to lose?"

I've lost 55 pounds now
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