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Originally Posted by s93uv3h
I got some grains and am on the third batch using whole milk and I fermented for about 24 hours - great instruction letter from the amazon seller (MrandMrsKefir) and they are definitely alive and kicking! ....

Oh wow, good for you I'm still open to getting some real kefir grains .. Hey, if it doesn't pan out it's only $10 plus time to meet up locally with the seller.

re - goat milk ... Believe it or not, but I've found that full fat (3.8 to 4%) goat milk is harder to digest (and more "goaty" tasting) than 2%. Just my experience and opinion. The 2% is not higher in carbs, it's the same as full fat.


I still have some powdered kefir culture starter .. planning to experiment with a liter of commercial unsweetened cashew milk + 10g glucose (pure dextrose from a beer/wine craft store .. not sucrose table sugar which is glucose + fructose). It's needed to feed the kefir bacteria and yeast cultures. Will report back how it turns out

Love this discussion
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