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Originally Posted by Kristine
Doreen (and other canucks) - I got nice kefir grains from a lady on kijiji. Maybe try that in your area?

I had to give up on kefir because I couldn't keep up with it. I ended up neglecting it and it started tasting funky. Maybe I should have frozen the grains.

Yes, I looked up one time and there's a lady near me who offers live grains in a sterilized mason jar .. prefers to meet at the police station parking lot for safety . I haven't followed up on it yet, because of the reasons you and the article cited. I just can't imagine consuming liters and liters of kefir day after day, week after week. The powdered culture allows me to make a couple of batches and then take a break for a long stretch, without having to feed and fuss over a jar of white blobs.

I already have a cat who demands feeding and fussing day in and day out, that's enough for me thanks
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