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Hi, your cake looks delicious ! Thanks for sharing... Is it oooey gooey in the middle or does it pretty much set thru and thru ?

Does anyone know how to get the picture embedded in the post, instead of attached? Thanks!

To make your image show, just right click on it in the gallery, choose properties, highlight and copy the http:// address for it, then come back to your journal and use [IMG] and [/IMG] before and after the address... can just use the lil yellow tab at the top of the advanced editor (looks like it has a picture of a mountain on it and says Insert Image when you put your mouse on it ? )

Good luck, I tend to throw things together in a blob when I cook AND when I explain things lol.. so if I missed anything feel free to say WHUT DID YOU SAY???

Have a great day and thanks again !
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